Faraton Furnishing 

was established in Limassol in 2003, and has been active in the wider area of Cyprus ever since. With years of experience in the industry, Faraton is known for delivering  furnishing solutions characterized by high manufacturing quality and design excellence.

As we specialize in kitchen design and furniture, we are able to offer innovative solutions adapted to every individual needs. We also offer a great variety of wardrobe and door designs, as well as office and bathroom furniture. Using pioneering technology and advanced manufacturing techniques, FARATON is always able to deliver the finest results.

In our new exhibition space you can find examples combining functionality and comfort. The visitor is able to browse through a great collection of kitchens, and witness our contemporary design methods and the high quality of our selected materials.


Our philosophy is to provide our customers with complete solutions, saving time that can be later dedicated in the design, construction and equipment of any space.


Our dedicated team of designers and technicians, offers our clients the possibility of designing their kitchen -or any space of their choice- according to their personal wishes.


Skilled workforce is responsible for the accurate placement and application of the furniture.


Our company is always standing by the side of the customer, available for any support and assistance they require.

Because we are the best in this line of business.